One Creation

A cookieless future will make it more difficult to personalize your products and services for your customers. One Creation solves this problem by adding an embedded permission-based marketing layer to your current customer experience through a user-friendly platform. Customers are seamlessly guided through a short marketing process with the option of receiving a reward in exchange for their data. This allows brands to collect valuable, new voluntary insights at any touchpoint on your customer’s omnichannel journey. Now any touchpoint can lead to a micro conversion process that…


Snowplow is a behavioral data platform built to empower data teams and solve today’s most complex data challenges. Trusted by tens of thousands of organizations around the world, Snowplow helps you create the data you need to power your breakthrough and unlock AI and advanced analytics right from your own data warehouse, lake, or lakehouse. With Snowplow, businesses can create more valuable data by unlocking transformative AI and advanced analytics capabilities, using rich behavioral data tailored to their specific business…

Modo Labs

Modo is the world’s leading platform provider of workplace and campus apps. Trusted by global Fortune 1000 brands and the world’s most prestigious institutions, the Modo digital engagement platform delivers a unified, fully customizable, mobile-first user experience to simplify anytime access to information and services students and employees need to feel supported, engaged, and inspired.


Squirro specializes in harnessing the power of Augmented Intelligence to enhance decision-making. With the belief that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to unlocking the full potential of your data, Squirro offers a comprehensive solution that combines the Squirro Insight Engine and AI Studio. The Squirro Insight Engine is an advanced search technology infused with Artificial Intelligence. It is designed to tackle various data-related challenges, including data gathering, analytics, search, and data visualization. By leveraging AI and machine…

Rafay Systems

Rafay is a Kubernetes platform designed for enterprise platform teams, aiming to centralize, unify, and standardize the use of Kubernetes across the enterprise. It offers a single cloud controller that enables the effortless management of multiple clusters with software-defined isolation. Rafay serves as a comprehensive operations platform for managing cluster and application lifecycles, utilizing a SaaS-first approach for quick deployment, cloud scalability, and high uptime. Its built-in zero-trust fabric ensures secure governance by eliminating inbound access requirements. Rafay simplifies fleet…


Deepfactor offers a developer security platform that empowers engineering teams to create secure and compliant cloud native applications. Instead of shifting security left in the development process, Deepfactor “starts left” by encouraging developers to build secure applications as they move through the various stages of the software development lifecycle.

Winn.AI offers a real-time AI assistant that helps sales teams win more deals with less hassle through its innovative real-time tracking, capturing, and CRM updating features. The Winn.AI real-time assistant acts as an extra pair of hands during meetings, giving salespeople the freedom to focus their attention entirely on the customer.


Ediphy is a new digitally native capital markets business bringing transparency to fixed income markets and delivering on best execution. We create value for our clients by combining modern technology and data analytics with a regulated execution service to deliver superior results for the investment management community.


SkyHive is a Certified B Corporation and software provider of global workforce intelligence technology, optimizing labor market efficiencies in real-time for companies, communities, and national economies. Leading enterprises use SkyHive’s cloud-based applications and platforms to power the future of work at its most granular level: skills. SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analysis has been recognized by the World Economic Forum, Gartner, and Forbes for leading efforts in ethical AI and its positive impact on labor economies worldwide.


Backed by global cybersecurity leader CrowdStrike, DoControl provides organizations with the automated, self-service tools they need for Software as a Service (SaaS) application data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation. DoControl takes a unique, customer-focused approach to the challenge of labor-intensive security risk management and data exfiltration prevention in popular business-critical SaaS applications.