Snowplow is a behavioral data platform built to empower data teams and solve today’s most complex data challenges. Trusted by tens of thousands of organizations around the world, Snowplow helps you create the data you need to power your breakthrough and unlock AI and advanced analytics right from your own data warehouse, lake, or lakehouse. With Snowplow, businesses can create more valuable data by unlocking transformative AI and advanced analytics capabilities, using rich behavioral data tailored to their specific business vocabulary. This allows for the powering of unlimited applications, including advanced analytics and AI data applications like churn propensity models and recommendation engines. Furthermore, Snowplow helps ensure data compliance by mitigating regulatory risks, establishing a record basis for data capture, and enforcing data usage and sharing practices consistent with its original collection. As the leader in Data Creation, Snowplow enables organizations to establish a comprehensive data language throughout their operations, utilizing a common data schema that can be tailored for business intelligence (BI) and AI modeling, streamed for real-time applications, and enriched with third-party data and systems.