Josh Shams

With over 20 years of experience as a sales and revenue leader, Josh has a proven track record in developing top-tier sales teams, driving revenue growth, and ensuring operational excellence. His expertise spans sales engagements with the U.S. Federal Government, global Fortune 500 enterprises, and clients from startups to established companies.

Josh has flourished in early-stage technology startups and public organizations, including ServiceNow and Moogsoft. At Moogsoft, he played a crucial role in creating the AIOps product category. He excels at negotiating high-value SaaS enterprise agreements, generating value for clients and fostering business growth.

Proficient in GTM strategies, revenue model alignment, and sales organization development, Josh collaborates with product teams on PMF and revenue models like PLG, indirect channels, and core customer base expansion. He partners with customer success teams to ensure exceptional experiences, leveraging his expertise in value-based selling, strategic planning, and technical execution.

Adept at complex deal navigation, agreement negotiation, and P&L management, he excels in pipeline management, mentorship, cross-functional collaboration, and organizational transformation. Josh’s holistic skill set allows him to cultivate high-performing teams and operational excellence, fostering deeper customer connections and integrating digital experiences into businesses’ core operations.