Cybersecurity: Seven Steps for Boards of Directors

The Guide to Effective Cyber Risk Oversight: From Board Members for Board Members

The business need for board members to understand cyber risks has never been greater. Government regulators, such as the SEC, are ramping up efforts to fight cyber crime by instituting stringent new reporting policies and cybersecurity responsibilities. International threat groups continue a longstanding trend of escalating attacks on organizations worldwide. In turn, board members face the increasingly perilous prospect of seeing their organization breached by attackers, endangering the financial stability of their company. Fortunately, overseeing cyber risk is manageable once you are familiar with a few key concepts that define the problem. This seven-step guide walks directors through the process of identifying the maturity level of cyber readiness in an organization. It offers directors useful advice for maintaining oversight over ongoing cyber risk management efforts. The eBook is written by board members with experience in the cybersecurity industry to assist their peers in becoming successful stewards of cyber issues

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