On-demand IT provider Sitehands secures $25 million from FTV Capital

1Sitehands, an on-demand technology platform that offers all types of hands-on IT field work, has received a $25 million growth equity investment from New York-based FTV Capital.

The deal was in the making for six months, according to Sitehands founder and CEO J.P. Rosato.

“(The transaction) only took a short time to execute once members of the FTV Capital advisory teams evaluated what we were doing,” Rosato told me.

Sitehands, also based in New York, provides vetted technicians through a two-sided marketplace and then extends that value to the customer by assuming full accountability for end-to-end service outcomes. The company’s clients include Fortune 100 companies in the financial services space, Rosato said, though he declined to identify those companies.

This is the first time that Sitehands has raised institutional capital.

“The deal with FTV is important to scale out our capabilities and business model to the next level,” Rosato added. “Many of the members of that group of thought leaders are aware of the challenges we are tackling from their work leading technology efforts in major organizations around the world.”

Whether the company will raise more funds in the future remains to be seen.

“At this point, we have no plans to raise additional capital,” Rosato said. “As a founder-owned business, we have built and run the business with fiscal discipline and are well poised to continue to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and company milestones.”

As part of the agreement with FTV, Brad Bernstein, a managing partner at the firm, will join Sitehands’s board of directors.

“The company has built a uniquely differentiated end-to-end platform that is really one of a kind in the market,” Bernstein said. “The solution meets the complex pain points of multilocation enterprises in a way that delivers multiple benefits — improved services, faster outcomes, reduced costs and economic transparency.”

Andy Brown, chief executive of New Jersey-based incubator Sandhill East, is also expected to join the board.

The Sitehands investment comes at a time when businesses are in the throes of constant digital transformation, whether it’s migration to the cloud, IoT (Internet of Things) or new app development.

Because these trends have implications for all consumers — both at home and at the office — there’s opportunity for Sitehands to expand its services catalogue, Rosato said.

“The numbers and types of devices that are proliferating the everyday landscape of businesses and our lives related to these trends continue to grow,” he said. “Those devices do not install themselves, they do not maintain themselves, and when integrated into critical business infrastructure for delivering services, their operational efficacy is of paramount importance to the business.”