Spectra Analytics

Spectra Analytics are a leading digital healthcare company. They are improving access to healthcare services through their healthcare marketplace. They cover over 10m primary care patients in the UK and are growing rapidly. Spectra has transitioned its business from an AI consultancy to a SaaS model over the past 4 years. Prior to this it provided expert data science services to organizations such as UNICEF, NHS, British Army, and the US Marine Corps.

Lab 1

Lab 1  provides supply chain risk management solutions that utilizes advanced techniques to collect compromised and exposed data from diverse sources like the dark web. By converting criminal data breaches and attacks into actionable insights, Lab 1 offers organizations a comprehensive overview of supply chain risk, empowering them to proactively address vulnerabilities and protect their operations and reputation. Lab 1 extracts valuable insights by gathering compromised data from various sources, providing real-time risk overviews, timely alerts, accurate intelligence reports, and…


Wealthlane Financial offers a comprehensive SaaS solution for publicly-traded companies to issue and manage employee equity compensation plans, including RSUs and Stock Options. Their cloud-native platform enables efficient management and administration of these plans. With its high flexibility, Wealthlane allows companies to configure their unique and evolving equity compensation requirements. The platform seamlessly integrates with HRIS/Payroll providers through APIs, streamlining the implementation process and onboarding procedures. Wealthlane’s tax and reporting engines are highly customizable, accommodating tax withholding in various jurisdictions…


Orbex provides the world’s first dedicated marketplace for authenticated environmental commodities. It maximizes the use of recycled metals, plastics and other GHG intensive materials in furtherance of vital global environmental initiatives such as Net Zero goals, biodiversity, and emissions reduction. Orbex enables seamless engagement between buyers and sellers, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and trust in transactions. The marketplace provides a streamlined process with standardized protocols, reducing complexities and addressing the industry’s need for infrastructure and standardization. Orbex facilitates the growth of…


Using Seek/Knoema’s data management and analytics platform, clients are able to leverage 1,500+ sources of data and over 4 billion time series  to  gain  insights  enabling  rapid  and  effective  business  decision  making.


With an ESG boom in full swing, subjective ratings and one-dimensional scores are simply not up to the job investors need them to do. The market needs truly objective, trustworthy data. Util is the world’s most comprehensive sustainability data for financial professionals: evidence-backed coverage of every listed company in the world. Util applies Natural Language Processing to an evidence base of over 120 million peer-reviewed texts to identify and measure how the products and services companies sell contribute positively or…


Today’s work is shaped by how teams use technology and where work happens. It’s constantly evolving and the pace of change is getting faster. Traditional analytics methods give you surface- level and siloed insights. At Temporall, the Company enables better data-driven decision making with continuous and actionable insights you can trust. Workbench from Temporall is a real-time workplace analytics platform, that draws on multiple data sources to bring decision-makers in IT, Change Management, Sales and HR unparalleled situational awareness and…


T-REX is a leading enterprise solutions provider for the complex financing of esoteric asset-backed securities (ABS) and energy project finance. T-REX equips market practitioners with the managed data services and software platform needed to analyze, assess, and accurately price the risk associated with issuiing and investming in renewable energy and other asset classes. By eliminating manual processes and automating workflow, R-REX enhances efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and security across the entire investment lifecycle. 

Point Focal

Point Focal is aiming to monetise alternative portfolio data with analytics that produce performance and risk management benefits. The Focus List is a B2B SaaS offering of aggregated alternative data integrated and contextualised with portfolios. Quantitative insight is produced from natural language narratives and visual analytics. The integrated focuSignal reporting engine is the only automated, custom, alt-data institutional research content written with natural language generation and visual analytics.


A digitisation and analytics platform deconstructing complex interconnected documents across the finance ecosystem delivering operational efficiencies, generating new value and connecting the business of today to the digital world of tomorrow. The Nammu Platform transforms the transaction experience, the transaction process and unlocks and exposes previously hidden, inaccessible data.